Government Introduces The Approval of The “WHITELIST” Websites To Control The Indiscriminate Filters

Whitelist Websites:

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety will draw up a list of approved sites offering advice on topics such as sex and drugs

According to reports, the is building a “whitelistwebsites to counter the sometimes indiscriminate filters of Internet service providers (ISPs) introduced to its requests.

The filters have been heavily criticized for blocking the sites run by charities that aim to educate young people on topics like sex, drugs and health problems.

A report by BBC News last month found that all three of the main currently managed ISP filters worked irregularly. For example, TalkTalk was unable to identify 7% of adult content online while blocking sites like focused on sex education and the Sexual Rape and Sexual Abuse Center in Edinburgh.

Similar problems of unjustified censorship were observed with the filters managed by Sky and BT. The software works by analyzing the keywords to guess the content of the sites; the government’s  will ensure that sites approved by the are not blocked.


David Miles, who is the president of the working group. Told the BBC that even if “the amount of involuntary blocks is low”. He admitted that “if you are a charity and you deal with teenagers in distress that 1 or 10 they concern you “.

“We are creating a list of sites that charitable organizations are helping us and actively testing at this time.” Said Miles, noting that the need for the list will become more pressing with the introduction of filters for circulating Internet users.

Currently, ISPs force new customers to choose whether or not to implement filters. During 2014, it is expected that they will present the filters also to existing customers.

Filters of this type were standard for in the UK, although Mr. Miles described the new domestic filters as “quite unusual”.

“At the ISP level, on public Wi-Fi and through mobile operators, the UK will be subject to a significant amount of network filtering all of a sudden,” he told the BBC. “The new filter at the network level could increase the level of over-blocking.”


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