Machine Learning will Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to provide , in part, thanks to a large amount of data that the latest technologies have been collecting and that is now available.

In 2019, machine learning and AI will be integrated into the business platform by creating and implementing intelligent business operations.

In the space of AI, China will leave the United States behind, emerging as a leader in developments and applications of AI.

Advances in machine learning technology and algorithm training will bring new and more advanced AI. Autopilot cars and robotics are the two fastest growing industries in 2019.

In 2019, AI, machine learning, and deep learning will be integrated into commercial applications. As AI and learning technologies work together to achieve better results, AI will have higher accuracy at all levels.

So far, humans have only developed narrow AI. However, excellent artificial intelligence is the future of mankind. How far humans should go with the development of AI remains a controversial issue. Is this really the last invention of mankind…?

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